About the Brand

Launched in 2016, in Southern California, BOND EN AVANT, brings readers a sophisticated, yet playful, modern platform focused on the most basic approach to beauty – skin care.

Honest reviews of luxury beauty products, industry trends, spa and dermatologist office treatments and inspiring interviews of beauty industry tastemakers are brought forth in educational editorial pieces.

The literal French to English translation of BOND EN AVANT is “leap forward.” A simple phrase we believe embodies the essence of our brand’s commitment to propelling women and their beauty routines forward.

Letter From the Founder

Growing up no one taught me how to take care of my skin. I worked at a beauty counter when I was 19 where I developed a love for beauty products, but still had no idea how to achieve beautiful skin. I used heavy makeup to cover up acne, sun spots and dullness, which made my skin worse. I desperately  hoped to one day have beautiful skin. 

Over the next decade, I went on a quest to alleviate my skin issues. I explored dermatologist services, spas, high-end and drugstore beauty products. The more I learned about skincare the deeper my passion for the field grew.

After leaving the world of public relations, I decided to create a platform dedicated to all things skin care and skin enhancing makeup products. Thus, BOND EN AVANT, was born.

My aim is for this platform to help readers on their journey towards achieving and maintaining beautiful skin. 

– Amy Chang, Founder & Editor-in-Chief

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